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Why The Tour Collective?


The world is your oyster. Book incredible, life changing experiences today with the tour collective. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to explore everything!

At the tour collective, we offer a vast array of amazing sightseeing tours, exhilarating activities and ideal accommodations that span across the globe. Moreover, we are a platform where you can give back and contribute to local communities and rural tourism projects in new and exciting ways.

With so many options out there it’s important to find a tour, activity, place to stay; or really any travel service that suits all your likes and wishes. With the tour collective, the possibilities are endless.

Soar above the clouds on a captivating helicopter tour of the Ali’i Sacred Falls in awe-inspiring Hawai’i. Cycle past the Coliseum and the Piazza Navona on a guided tour through the rose-tinted streets of Rome or simply sit back and savour impressive views over the River Thames from the London eye. Experience the most wonderful and most exciting tours and activities the world has to offer; don’t miss out on your chance to explore everything.

The tour collective has made ground breaking leaps in terms of creating a network of travel partners that work in harmony to fullfil your expectations. On our site, you are assured to find the best available flights, activities, airport transfers as well as other vital services such as travel insurance and car rental. 

We always go the extra mile to put the magic into your trip and seek to provide the traveller with a platform where every aspect of your travelling experience can be realized. The tour collective even offers a space where you can connect with tourism projects around the world. You can help rebuild communities after a disaster,aid in tourism education or support cultural and environmental issues.

Make sure to maximize your travel experiences and book with the tour collective. The tour collective gives you a key to a treasure chest of inspiring tours, wonderful activities and the superlative accommodations in some of the most exciting cities in the world. On top of this we offer great deal on transportation, vacation rentals and out of the box opportunities. Experiences that will absolutely take your breath away, while at the same time endeavouring to be as cost-effective, convenient and user-friendly as possible for our wide selection of clients.

We are a team of trusted long time tour and travel professionals who always put our customers first and continually try our hardest to seek out and craft the perfect memory maker for you.

With such an eclectic selection of flights, hotels, tours, activities, and vacation packages on offer, you’ll have no trouble designing your ideal adventure with the tour collective.

Explore Everything!

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