Community Programs

At the heart of our philosophy is a belief that healthy and thriving communities are a cornerstone for a successful and sustainable tourism industry. We have realized over time that host communities are sometimes overlooked. As a conscientious organization sensitive to this, we at the Tour Collective are promoting a collection of initiatives aimed at engaging and empowering the residents of the communities we visit.

You can donate directly to or volunteer at any of the under-listed programs:


Women’s Empowerment Project, Kerala – India

In India, women are born into a society that still faces many social inequalities including domestic abuse, arranged marriages and limited or poor access to education. Through this project, volunteers can make a difference by supporting women in society and giving them access to equal opportunities in education, employment and health care.

Volunteers on this project might have the chance to contribute in the following ways:

  1. Providing access to education on literacy, rights and life skills
  2. Providing alternative income generation skills workshops
  3. Providing courses on women’s health
  4. Providing additional educational support to young girls in local schools and communities


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Ecotourism Project, Phang Nga ­– Thailand

The ecotourism training project in Phang Nga, Thailand was created to give volunteers a better understanding of some of the beautiful and diverse ecosystems in the area and how to preserve and protect them. The project aims to develop an understanding of the local ecosystem with current environmental protection initiatives as well as conduct research contributing to future conservation efforts. The goal is to sustain long-term conservation in the area and preserve the natural environment in conjunction with local communities.


The project will be conducted using a three-tiered approach:

  1. Contribute to scientific understanding through research.
  2. Educate and inform local people about conservation issues.
  3. Build the capacity and desire of local people to operate sustainably.

Volunteers on this project will protect some of the world’s most beautiful forests, beaches and coral reef systems. By adopting a holistic conservation approach, volunteerswill aim to educate the community on local environmental issues. This means dealing not only with the research itself, but also with the social and economic pressures that are leading to the destruction of Southern Thailand’s ecosystems. By teaching the local community how to preserve their environment and promote tourism, it is hoped they will then be able to sustain an ecotourism project within their community.


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Ecovillage Project, Samosir Island, Lake Toba – Indonesia

Samosir Island was once been a popular tourist destination due to its exotic history and incredible views however there has been a significant decline in tourism over the past few decades. This has been attributed to a lack of promotion and sustainable tourism in addition to very few English-speaking natives in the area.

Volunteers at the ecovillage will help restore tourism through educating local communities in ecotourism, tourism management and through teaching English. The project offers flexible working hours and plenty of time to enjoy swimming and canoeing in Lake Toba.

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Ecotourism Project – Nepal

Despite its beauty, Nepal is extremely poor country recovering from a long civil war and as such ecotourism efforts have been hard to establish. Volunteers on this project will have the chance to educate local villages and help themdevelop village based ecotourism as an extra income to the harvest. It is hoped that through education locals will then be able to set up and sustain an ecotourism project within their village.

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