Environmental Protection

Unique experiences and magical moments are only possible when the beauty and serenity of the environment is preserved and protected. Against the backdrop of the growing threat to the environment from human activity and climate change, there is the need for concerted efforts towards environmental protection, conservation and preservation. Inspired by this understanding and driven by our passion for the environment, we at the Tour Collective have decided to use our platform to canvas support for selected projects and initiatives to protect the environment.

Join us to help support the following projects:


Coral Restoration Foundation – Worldwide

The extreme environmental changes brought about by global warming and human activity has made it more important than ever to protect our planet’s reefs. At present, roughly one-quarter of all coral reefs worldwide are considered damaged beyond repair, with another two-thirds under serious threat.

By 2030, it is predicted that 90% of the world’s reefs will be at risk from both human activities and climate change and by 2050, all coral reefs will be in danger.

The Coral Restoration Foundation has been set up to restore and protect endangered reefs as well as educate others on the importance of our oceans.

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Rainforest Alliance – Worldwide

Operating in more than 70 countries worldwide, the Rainforest Alliance was set up to conserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable livelihoods by transforming land-use practices, business practices and consumer behaviour.

The Rainforest Alliance aims to harness market forces to arrest the major drivers of deforestation and environmental destruction: timber extraction, agricultural expansion, cattle ranching and tourism. The organization trains farmers, foresters and tourism operators in sustainable practices that conserve land and waterways, improve livelihoods, and protect workers and communities. It also helps them access the financing necessary to implement sustainability changes.

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The Nature Conservancy – Worldwide
The Nature Conservancy takes a scientific approach to conservation, setting goals that describe the results it wants to achieve for biodiversity. The Nature Conservancy sets both long-term and near-term goals for conserving the abundance and geographic distribution of critical species and ecological systems. The organization’s overall goal is to ensure the long-term survival of all biodiversity on Earth.

The Nature Conservancy’s expanding international conservation efforts include work in North America, Central America, and South America, Africa, the Pacific Rim, the Caribbean and Asia.

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Total Environment Centre – Australia
The Total Environment Centre (TEC) was forged by the campaigns to save the rainforests in the 1970s, which naturally segued their work to preserve clean air and stop coastal sand mining. These building blocks were essential to maintaining our natural heritage and a sustainable Australia. The TEC believes in a fairer, greener world and has worked for the past 40 years to preserve Australia’s ecosystems that support living landscapes and healthy communities for all.

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